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Most women prefer surgery than diet to lose weight: Survey

Most women prefer surgery than diet to lose weight: Survey

Almost eight in 10 women prefer a plastic surgery than adjusting their diet and exercise patterns to lose weight, according to a new British survey. The survey of 1,305 men and women has found that drastic surgeries like liposuction, tummy tuck or gastric bypass are the most preferred choices for over 50 per cent of the respondents than the rigorous methods of diet control and exercise to shed their excess weight. Women see weight-loss operations as the key to quick results while some men regard it as the "lazy option", said the survey carried out by a website. Asked how they would like to lose excess weight, liposuction was the most popular with women (34 per cent), followed by gastric bypass (26 per cent) and cutting calories (14 per cent). Eight per cent would opt for a tummy tuck while just 2 per cent said they would exercise more and 6 per cent would combine diet and exercise, the Telegraph reported.



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